Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Little Match Girl

Sara Schimke in the title role of "The Little Match Girl," 1970.
The Children's Theatre Company of Minneapolis, MN.

First presented in 1970, John Clark Donahue's adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen tale became part of The Children's Theatre Company and School's continuing repertoire and was presented again five additional seasons in the "new theatre." Set in Czarist Russia, orchestral music of Sergei Prokofiev and Dmitri Shostakovich was selected and arranged by Roberta Carlson. Scenic design by Jack Barkla. Costume design by Gene Davis Buck. Lighting design by Karlis Ozols.

Images from the original production 1970; Sara Schimke in the title role:

Images from 1975; Bonnie Zimering in the title role:

Images from 1977.  Mary Ann Raymond in the title role.

Images from 1981.  Rana Haugen in the title role.

Video clips from the 1981 production:

Video of 1984 Production (featuring Bonnie Zimering):

Music Clip 1: Wintry streets of Russia

Music Clip 2: The First Match

Music Clip 3: Gypsy Carnival

Music Clip 4: By the Stove

Music Clip 5: Poor Family Gifts

Music Clip 6: Intro to Toy Shop

Music Clip 7: Ballerina Doll

Music Clip 8: Toy Shop Finale

Music Clip 9: Rich Family Feast & Gifts

Music Clip 10: Skating Pond

Music Clip 11: Skating Cadets, Woman with Dog, Finale

Music Clip 12: Palace Ball Introductions

Music Clip 13: First Waltz

Music Clip 14: Match Girl Appears at Palace

Music Clip 15: Final Waltz

Music Clip 16: Spring Meadow

Music Clip 17: Final Vision, Ascension, and Epilogue