Sunday, October 10, 2010


From winter of 1971, a new musical "Jerusalem" with book and lyrics by Frederick Gaines and music and lyrics by Roberta Carlson.  Directed by John Clark Donahue.  Scenic design by Jack Barkla.  Costume design by Jack Barkla and Gene Davis Buck.  Lighting design by Karlis Ozols.  The year is 1212 and Europe is ravaged by the plague.  A child prophet Stephen, in the company of a fool and a prostitute, amasses an army of young people in a crusade to save the Holy City.  In Italy, at the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, the throng gathers, expecting the sea to part.  They are unaware that instead a fleet of slave ships, arranged by the Pope of Rome, will appear to take them captive and destroy their hopes.  Featuring a cast of over 100 (including boys choir) and presented for CTC's audience of teenagers and adults. Featuring guest artist Peter Michael Goetz as Rudge, Patrick McNellis as Stephen, Wendy Lehr as Hildegarde.

Audio Excerpts:


Famine, War, Depopulation:

Mathilde d'Anjou (End Act I):


Patrick McNellis in rehearsal/improvisation at Mississippi River bank.

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  1. For the opening act I remember how Peter Michael Goetz had to juggle on the blacked out stage using three florescent balls while delivering his monologue. To prepare for this task he first had to learn how to juggle.