Monday, May 9, 2011

A Wall (1971)

"A Wall" 1971.  Sheila Stangler, Bridget McNellis, Ginny Swanson.

Created and presented in summer of 1971 (offered in only nine performances over two weekends July 8 - 18), a new play for The Children's Theatre Company and School's adult and teenage audiences by John Clark Donahue and the Company, from a scenario for improvisation by Alvin Greenberg.  "A Wall"-- a most astonishing theatrical event comprised of vignettes spanning time (from ancient Egypt to medieval Europe to present day), occuring along a wall "too high to see over and too wide to get around."  Produced and directed by Donahue, with original music score by Hiram Titus.  Scenic and properties design by Jack Barkla.  Costume designs by Katherine Treon.  Lighting design by Karlis Ozols.

George Muellner, Ken Jacob.

Steven Rydberg, Wendy Lehr, Chris Mulkey

Kim Livingston.  "Hello?  Is this the wall?"

Video (poor quality b&w reel to reel):

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