Sunday, September 5, 2010

Falling Moons

"Falling Moons" 1980.  Full cast with crew.

In the winter of 1980, CTC had the pleasure of collaborating with guest playwright Kirk Ristau in presenting a new play "Falling Moons."    Set in present day St. Louis, Missouri, the play dealt with an aged woman's encounter with three young neighborhood children.  Old Moses shares bits of her life story with them  -- most especially her childhood encounter with a magician at a traveling carnival -- and, in so doing, we have a slice of America stretching back to the early part of the 20th century.  The play was directed by John Clark Donahue with an orchestra performing, for the most part, standards from the era, assembled, scored, and conducted by Wolverines Classic Jazz Orchestra bandleader Ted Unseth and the incomparable Rich Dworsky on keyboards.  Scenic design by Don Yunker. Costume Design by Rae Marie Pekas. Lighting Design by Karlis Ozols.

Foreground: Lesley Moore, Tom Dunn.
Kathleen Sullivan, Anthony H. Woitalla.

Kathleen Sullivan, Tom Dunn.

Kathleen Sullivan, Judy Larson.

Sean McNellis as Henry, Kathleen Sullivan as Middle Moses.

L to R: Sean McNellis, Kathleen Sullivan, Rana Haugen, Carl Beck, Wendy Lehr,
Lisa Mauer, Nate Peterson, Mario Bravo, Stephen Boe.

DREADFUL video quality, I'm afraid.  The last of the black-and-white reel-to-reel tapes, which is why the tracking is so inconsistent.  Still has value, though, in its audio -- including wonderful vocals from Stephen Boe and J.D. Steele and others. 
Featuring Wendy Lehr, Kathleen Sullivan, and Rana Haugen as Old, Middle, and Young Moses along with child "regulars" Mario Bravo and Nate Peterson.

Video (Poor Quality):

Audio clips:

Dance - My Sweetie Went Away

If I Had A Girl Like You ("The Charlie Shields Quartet" - Stephen Boe, Gary Costello, Tom Dunn, Kevin Gordon)

Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone (Vocal: Stephen Boe)

Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams (Vocal: Stephen Boe)

Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland (Stephen Boe with Wendy Lehr and Full Cast)

Clip 16: Curtain Call

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