Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Room in Paradise

"A Room in Paradise," 1976.  Sara Schimke and Thomas Olson.

At the close of the 1975-76 second season in the "new theatre," following the winter/spring repertory run of Treasure Island and Shakespeare's Twelfth Night,  resident artists Timothy Mason and Hiram Titus (who both were also involved in Twelfth Night: Tim as an actor in the role of Viola's brother Sebastian, Hiram as composer) created a new musical comedy for CTC's teenage and adult audiences: A Room in Paradise, based on the 1894 French farce L'Hotel du Libre echange (Hotel Paradiso) by Georges Feydeau and Maurice Desavallieres. 
The play was directed by John Clark Donahue.  Music composed and orchestrated by Hiram Titus.  Book and lyrics by Timothy Mason.  Orchestra conducted by Tom Florey.  Scenic design by Dahl Delu.  Costume design by Gene Davis Buck.  Lighting design by Karlis Ozols. 


Documentation video:

Act One:

Act Two:

Act Three:

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