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Children's Theatre Company logo 1965-74.

Detail from 1974 "New Theatre" inaugural poster by Steven Rydberg,
forming the basis of CTC's logo from 1974-85.

The images, documents, and media links herein are humbly shared as a means to keep the past endeavors of a truly phenomenal arts organization from fading into oblivion.

This web-based archive is merely an example of the formidable treasures that exist in any number of file cabinets or storage closets of the thousands of past (and a few current) participants in The Children's Theatre Company and School's nearly fifty years of existence. Here, the primary focus is on the first 20 years (1965-85), incorporating just a bit of what is available.

Your contribution of comments is solicited and encouraged, as well as indications if you, yourself, may possess some material you would be willing to share. 

Please note most of the examples provided in this blog are protected by copyright and offered for research and educational purposes only.


Over the years, dozens of articles have been written about The Children's Theatre Company and School's philosophy, working approach,  and activity... and a number of them have been included in this blog (please refer to the season by season pages).  These pieces may be "feature articles" created by journalists and other writers, but also include some internally-generated documents.  Perhaps the best overview of CTC's history and rapid evolution into one of the premier arts organizations for children and their families in the world can be found in former Company member Linda Walsh Jenkins' preface to the 1975 anthology Five Plays from The Children's Theatre Company of Minneapolis,  published by the University of Minnesota Press:

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