Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Theatre School

Student Norah McNellis.

There is much to be discussed in regards to the Children's Theatre Company's educational philosophy and its practical application within the training programs and production/performance activity of The Children's Theatre Company and School.
Always held in high value to the product on the stage was the "age appropriate" casting of actors. That meant that the young people would require training.
Students would more often than not receive their training from the professional company staff members and would (in theory if not in actual practice), apply their training alongside the faculty on the mainstage in performance (and not just onstage, but also backstage and in every area of production). Young people were welcomed. Young people were challenged. Young people were provided limitless opportunities. Young people were expected to recognize the possibilities, adopt the discipline, respect the endeavor, and share in the professional demeanor of a world class regional theatre. The bar was not low. THIS WAS UTTERLY EXTRAORDINARY AND RARE.

Scene Study/Acting Class. Winter, 1971. Bain Boehlke, company actor and director, explores with students a scene from Tennessee Williams' "The Glass Menagerie." Featuring Sheila Stangler reading the role of Amanda Wingfield. Excerpt from the documentary film "The Children's Theatre of John Donahue" by D.A. Pennebaker, 1972.

Education Brochure, circa 1977:

Voice Class with Leslye Orr.  1981.  Featured student: Nate Peterson

Dance Class 1981.  Rana Haugen, age 13.

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