Thursday, March 3, 2011

Good Morning, Mr. Tillie (1970, '79)

Good Morning, Mr. Tillie, 1970. 
Myron Johnson in the title role.

Originally produced by The Children's Theatre Company of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts in the Theatre's first season (winter of 1966), this original theatre experience was conceived, directed, choreographed, and designed by founder and artistic director John Clark Donahue (the 1970 production featured scenic design by resident designer Jack Barkla).

Presented without stage dialogue and minimal narration, the play is presented in mime and dance.  It follows Mr. Tillie and his balloon and umbrella pursued by the ominous Big Odd-Glasses Man through a fantasy landscape in black and white until Mr. Tillie conquers his fears, culminating in a joyous, color-filled finale.

On tour, Washington D.C., late spring, 1970 appearing at
American Educational Theater Association Conference:

The video from the 1979 production (featuring CTC school student Mario Bravo in the title role) is of extremely poor quality, but the best that exists at the time.  Two cameras were used to capture the play and the "close-up" camera's signal has dropped out from the tape.

Video clip 1:

Video clip 2:

Video clip 3:

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