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The Mystery of the Tattered Trunk (1985)

"The Mystery of the Tattered Trunk" 1985.
Playbill cover designed by Gene Davis Buck. 
Annie Enneking as Kate McGrew.

In winter of 1985, a new play was presented for all ages based on a story idea by company member Wendy Lehr.  In the style of the popular "Nancy Drew" series, Wendy created a plucky heroine named Kate McGrew who, unlike Miss Drew, didn't do her sleuthing in present day, but rather at the end of the 1920s.  This particular mystery (Number Two in the fictional series) finds American Kate and her British grandparents Lord Clive and Lady Beatrix Marley on a luxury cruise liner, the S.S. Lavinia, making the crossing from England to the States in late summer, 1928.

Wendy's story was adapted for the stage by Children's Theatre Company and School resident playwright Thomas W. Olson, along with Lehr and guest director Richard Russell Ramos.  Original music was composed and orchestrated by Hiram Titus.  Music Direction by Alan Shorter.  Choreography by Myron Johnson.  Scenic design by Jack Barkla.  Costume design by Jack Edwards.  Lighting design by Duane Schuler.  Sound design by Robert Jorissen.
Stage management by Alison Stanley.

Cast of Characters
Kate McGrew - Annie Enneking
Bob Carmichael - Jay Underwood
Margaret Rodney Beckworth - Binky Wood
Lionel Beckworth - David Fenley
Gerald Rodney III - Gary Costello
Vladimir Bolevsky - Joel Hatch
Konstantin Demerovitch - Jason McLean
Yantaria Mirova - Amy Hertzberg
Olga - Leslye Orr
Omar - Carl Beck
Mute - Tom Dunn
Simone LaSalle - Susan Peterson
Hector Frye - Gerald Drake
Lady Beatrice Marley - Wendy Lehr
Lord Clive Marley - George Muschamp
Captain Sinclair Warren - Oliver S. Osterberg
Chief Purser Higgins - Philip Eaton
Sigrid Nordstrom - Laura Stearns
Miss Vera - Liz Gray
Roland - Myron Johnson
Felice - Meggan McGrath
Radio Reporter - Aleksander F. Wierzbicki

Corps de Ballet: Wendy Albrecht, Michael Holmquist, C. Amanda Maud, Daniel Mussey, Julie Rappaport-Lieberman, Ron Spiess
Stewards: Michael Holmquist, Daniel Mussey, Jeff Brooks
"The Voyagers:" Beth Bria, Carol Cadby, Debbie Darr, Ann Marie Hehir, Jill Olson
Others: Andrea Engler, Heather Smith, Brian Ross, Alex Heyneman, Rob Shapiro

Understudies: Amy Colon, Debbie Darr, Matthew Dudley, Tom Dunn, Andrea Engler, Ann Marie Hehir, Michael Holmquist, Meggan McGrath, Thomas Olson, Julie Rappaport-Lieberman, Mark Rudzitis, Ron Spiess, Laura Stearns, Julie Powell Taylor, Aleksander F. Wierzbicki


Stage Manager - Alison Stanley
Assistant Stage Manager - Jean Reha
Master Electrician - Barry Browning
Stage Technician - Alex Heyneman
Sound Technician - Sam Gauthier
Sound Board Operators - Andrew Mayer, Jerry Modgeskie
Sound Assistant - Dale Fredryckson
Light Board Operator - Brandon Winslow
Wigs - Victor
Wardrobe Mistress - Gwen Anderson

CREW (Properties, Sets and Costumes) - Anna Birney, Rebecca Birney, Kelly Christenson, Danielle Fagre, Hannah Levine, Emery Mitchell, Daniel Mussey, Richard Ness, Jill Olson, Corey Popp, Nina Robinson, Brian Ross, Rob Shapiro, Ron Spiess, Shelley Watson

Conductor - Alan Shorter
Clarinet/Saxophone - Brian Grivna
Violin/Trumpet - Bruce Allard
Baritone - Eric Peterson
Trap Set - Jay Johnson

Music by Hiram Titus. 

Audio clip 1 - Theme:

Audio clip 2 - Roland & Felice into Ballroom:

Audio clip 3 - Tango:

Audio clip 4 - Foxtrot:

Audio clip 5 - Romance:

Audio clip 6 - Curtain Call:

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