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Leonid Andreyev's HE Who Gets Slapped (1975)

Leonid Andreyev's HE Who Gets Slapped.  1975.
L to R: Myron Johnson, Bain Boehlke, Carl Beck.

In its first season in the "new theatre" The Children's Theatre Company and School presented for adult and teenage audiences (running in repertory with "Pinocchio") the Russian drama "HE Who Gets Slapped," by Leonid Andreyev.  Set backstage at a circus, the production was enormous; in addition to a large cast, it also employed a number of live animals, including a team of horses, geese, monkey, emu, and a jaguar. 
The play was directed by John Clark Donahue.  Music composed and orchestrated by Steven M. Rydberg.  Scenic design by Donahue, costume design by Gene Davis Buck, lighting design by Jon Baker.  The play featured every member of the acting company and numerous guests, led by Bain Boehlke as HE and Kathleen Sullivan as Consuelo.

L to R: Bob Bailey as Robo, George Muschamp as Baron Regnart, Guy Paul as Count Mancini,
Kathleen Sullivan as Consuelo, Wendy Lehr as Zinida.

Guy Paul as Count Mancini, Bain Boehlke as He.

Kathleen Sullivan as Consuelo.

Two music clips from the score by Steven M. Rydberg:

"The Aerialists"

Solo saxophone.

Article, Minneapolis Tribune Picture Magazine, February, 1975:

Mary Winchell.

John Sullivan.

Review from MPLS Magazine,  March, 1975

Offered below the script link are "video clips" from the production, but virtually without video signal.  The audio is inferior quality as well.  But, for what it's worth, this is all we have from the production.  Find a copy of the play and listen as you read.

Link to the play (from Google books).  Simply click on the controls (upper right in the window)
and you can page through the play, increase or diminish view, etc.:

Video clip 1 of 6:

Video clip 2 of 6:

Video clip 3 of 6:

Video clip 4 of 6:

Video clip 5 of 6:

Video clip 6 of 6:

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