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Jean Anouilh's Thieves' Carnival (1977)

Jean Anouilh's "Thieves' Carnival."  1977.  Act I, Scene l.

The Children's Theatre Company and School's 1977-78 season (its fourth year in the "new" theatre facility) began with a production of Jean Anouilh's 1932 comedy for teenage and adult audiences "Thieves' Carnival," offered in repertory with "Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp."

Translated from the French by George Muschamp, the play was directed and choreographed by John Clark Donahue, music composed by Steven M. Rydberg, with scenic design by Robert Braun, costume design by Gene Davis Buck, and lighting design by Karlis Ozols.

Set in Vichy, France the cast of characters featured Paul Smith, Gerald Drake, and Thomas Olson as the three thieves Peterbono, Hector, and Gustave.  Lord Edgard and Lady Hurf were played by Oliver Osterberg and Wendy Lehr; their nieces Juliette and Eva played by Sara Schimke and Kathleen Sullivan.  In addition, the roles of Dupont-Dufort Sr. and Jr. were played by George Muschamp and Barry Goldman, Tom Foster as the Town Crier, Rana Haugen as the Young Girl and Steven Rydberg as the ubiquitous clarinet-playing Musician.

Sara Schimke, Kathleen Sullivan.

Gerald Drake, Kathleen Sullivan.

Wendy Lehr, Kathleen Sullivan.

Thomas Olson, Oliver Osterberg, Sara Schimke, Wendy Lehr.

Oliver Osterberg, Kathleen Sullivan, George Muschamp, Barry Goldman.

Kathleen Sullivan, Gerald Drake, Paul Smith, George Muschamp, Barry Goldman, Wendy Lehr.

Poor video quality:

Clip 1 (Act One):

Clip 2 (Act Two):

Clip 3 (Act Three):

Clip 4 (Act Four):

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