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Phantom of the Opera (1982)

Original poster/playbill art by Steven Rydberg.

In winter/spring of 1982, The Children's Theatre Company and School presented a world premiere adaptation of Gaston Leroux's 1908 novel The Phantom of the Opera.  Adapted by George Muschamp and resident playwright Thomas W. Olson, the play was produced and directed by John Clark Donahue, with original music composed and arranged by Steven M. Rydberg, directed by Thomas F. Florey.  Excerpts from Grand Opera were also used in the production, including Leoncavallo's I Pagliacci and Gounod's Faust, sung live by the actors to the taped accompaniment of The Greater Twin Cities' Youth Symphonies (William Jones, conductor).
Scenic concept by John Clark Donahue with refinement and execution by Cate Whittemore.  Costume design by Jared Aswegan.  Lighting design by Duane Schuler.  Sound design by Robert Jorissen.  Choreography by Myron Johnson.  Stage Manager: Michael Hennen.  Assistant Stage Manager: Ann Fink.

Phantom of the Opera, 1982. 
Act One, Scene one.  Backstage at the Paris Opera.
Phantom of the Opera, 1982.  Act Two, scene one. 
Stephen Boe as Erik, Kathryn Wright as Christine Daae.

Cast of Characters:
Christine Daae - Kathryn Wright
Raoul, Viscount de Chagny - Patrick McNellis
Erik - Stephen Boe
The Persian - Carl Beck
Philippe, Count de Chagny - Jason McLean
Cecile Sorelli - Wendy Lehr
Armand Moncharmin - Dale Green
Firmin Richard - George Muschamp
La Carlotta - Kathleen Wegner
Meg Giry - Julee Cruise
Monsieur Debienne - Oliver Osterberg
Monsieur Poligny - Karlis Ozols
Remy - Gary Costello
Joseph Buquet - Tom Dunn
Faust - Gary Briggle
Mephistopheles - Vaughn Fritts
Stage Manager - Dean Hawthorne
Tonio/Inspector - Randy Bichler
Physician - Thomas Olson
Maidservant - Elizabeth Fink
Madame Giry - Leslye Orr
Reporter - Matthew Dudley
Jammes - Lily Iran Vakili
Siebel - Kathleen Bloom

Others: Matthew Brassil, Lisa Dante, Michael deLeon, Tucker McGrady, James McNee, Solveig Olsen, Stephen Polk, Christopher Ryan, Jerome Wallin.

Understudies: Carl Beck, Randy Bichler, Gary Briggle, Susan Chastain, Lisa Dante, Tom Dunn, Irving Fink, Dean Hawthorne, Jonathan Howard, Marcia Hunter, Jason McLean, James McNee, George Muschamp, Solveig Olsen, Stephen Polk, Christopher Ryan, Lily Iran Vakili.

Conductor - Thomas F. Florey
Violin - Bruce Allard
Organ/Piano - Steven Rydberg and Greg Theisen
Cello - Lesley Moore
Horn - Julee Cruise
Trumpet - Stephen Boe
Percussion - Maurice Bugh (sr)
Vocalists - Kathryn Wright, Stephen Boe, Dale Green, Kathleen Wegner, Sally Dworsky, Nancy Ball, Mary Ellen Hopperstad, Julee Cruise, Gary Costello, Tom Dunn, Gary Briggle, Vaughn Fritts, Randy Bichler, Kathleen Bloom, James McNee, Lesley Moore.

Production Staff:
Stage Manager - Michael Hennen
Assistant Stage Manager - Ann Fink
Management Intern - Patricia Manuel
Wig Master - Mary Lewis
Master Electrician - David Karlson
Lightboard Operator - Rich Rummel
Lighting Technicians - Carol Dudley, Karen Edenloff, Ed Miller, David Ruble, Steve Thayer
Sound Technicians - Peter Sullivan, Rana Haugen, Jeanine Kieckhafer
Stage Technicians - Loren Johnson, Kenneth Jacob
Production Assistant - Melissa Finnson
Crew Head - Sean McNellis
Properties, Sets and Costumes Crews - Adona Butler, Mick Fankhauser, Sonha Felder, Don Goff, Tracey Harrison, Frederick Herndon, Lacreshia Hicks, Stephanie Jacobs, John Peitzman, Ernie Sandidge, Branden Schield, Karen Zemek

Video quality is horrible.  Dark as pitch and sound isn't too good either.

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