Monday, February 28, 2011

Alice in Wonderland - 1970 and 1982

"Alice in Wonderland" 1970.  Sara Schimke.

Produced twice during the first twenty-five years of the Children's Theatre Company's production history, Lewis Carroll's classic fantasy "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" played on the stage of The Minneapolis Institute of Arts in 1970 and, over a decade later, in CTC's "new" theatre in 1982.

For the 1970 production:
Adapted for the stage by Fred Gaines. Directed by John Clark Donahue. Music composed by Roberta Carlson. Set design by Richard Lyons after original illustrations by Sir John Tenniel. Scenic painting by Jack Barkla. Costume design by Barbara Tyirin.

For the 1982 production:
Adapted for the stage by Sharon Holland. Music composed by Hiram Titus. Directed by John Clark Donahue. Scenic design by Tom Butsch. Costume design by Gene Davis Buck.


Video of 1982 production:
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