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A Suitcase - Stage and Film

"A Suitcase." 1972 (stage).  From left: Norma Schneider, Barbe Larsen, Wendy Lehr, Bain Boehlke.

A one-act play written and directed by John Clark Donahue, "A Suitcase" was presented by The Children's Theatre Company and School of the Minneapolis Society of Fine Arts in conjunction with Variations on a Similar Theme (an homage to Rene Magritte) -- first in the spring of 1972, and a second, final time in 1977. Offered for adult and teenage audiences.
"A Suitcase" first appeared publicly in October, 1971 in the form of an opera libretto (written and directed by John Clark Donahue) entitled "Postcard from Morocco" composed by Pulitzer-prize winner Dominick Argento and premiered by the Center Opera Company (now Minnesota Opera) with scenic and costume design by Jack Barkla and lighting by Karlis Ozols.

Very poor quality video from the spring 1977 stage production...

"A Suitcase" also became a film project by the Company (clips provided below), undertaken in the summer of 1973 while the current theatre facility was still under construction (to open a year later in late summer, 1974).  Postproduction of the film was completed in 1974.

Film clip 1 of 3.

Film clip 2 of 3.

Film clip 3 of 3.

Film credits:

"A Suitcase" written and directed by John Clark Donahue
Producer: C.H. Mulkey, Jr.
Associate Producer: Stephen Ayers
Music composed by Steven M. Rydberg
Film Editor/Associate Director: D.B. Morris, III
Director of Photography: Richard Gibb
Art Direction: Gene Davis Buck
Sound Mix: Jay Booth
Sound Operators: John Frankenberry, Pat Sullivan
Production Coordinator: Timothy Mason
Production Crew: Sara Baker, Maria Iverson, Laurel Kennedy, Julie Powell, Mary Ann Raymond, Carol Wheeler, Victoria Wozniak.
Gaffers: Jon Baker, Bennett Harrison, Karlis Ozols, Jeffry Thomas.
Set Operations: Francis McGovern
Set/Prop Dressing: Don Yunker
Personnel: Mary Winchell
Company Coordinator: Frances Siftar
Script and Camera Assistant: Susanna Schlintz
Security: Russ Eckerea
Continuity: Ed Wujciak
Set Construction: Rob Jackson
Wardrobe: David F. Draper
Hair Design: Marilyn Moore
Make-Up: Barbara Larsen
Production Stills: Chip Borkenhagen, Judy Herbruck.

Bain Boehlke.
Cyn Byrne, Marilyn Dossey, Gerald Drake, John Jenkins, Christian Mulkey, Barbara Larsen, Wendy Lehr, Guy Paul, Norma Schneider, Jim Stowell
Sue Batchelor, Carl Beck, Jean Boone, David Campbell, Muhammed Eleydi, Joe Franken, Kim Livingston, Timothy Mason, Patrick McNellis, Sean McNellis, George Muellner, Karlis Ozols, Sara Schimke, Richard Shaw, Kathleen Sullivan, Hiram Titus, David Williams, Ken Williams
Jan Archerd, Bob Biederman, Paula Bormes, Matthew Brassil, Nance Campbell, Neil Christian, Evelyn Clark, Thelma Danahy, F. J. Donahue, Bill Dovali, Robert Drake, David F. Draper, Russ Eckerea, Irving Fink, Curt Flick, Bob Fredsall, David Hauberg, Karen Helfand, Cecil Homcha, Tim Johnson, John Kadulski, Kathleen Kennedy, Ilona Lazar, Garry Lewis, John Mason, George McConnell, Francis McGovern, Sr., Marilyn Moore, John Nelson, Marge Nutter, Bob Pryor, Les Raymond, Steven Rygberg, Jerri Sachs, A.J. Seegers, Bob Seth, Kerry Stein, Raveesh Whorra, Mary Winchell.
Copyright 1974 by the Theatre Company of the Minneapolis Society of Fine Arts.
Production assisted by grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, Minnesota State Arts Council, and The Jerome Foundation.

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