Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Sitwells at Sea

"The Sitwells at Sea" 1972 production.  Bain Boehlke as Edith Sitwell.

20th century British poet Edith Sitwell, her family, and her writing was the inspiration for the original play for adult and teenage audiences "The Sitwells at Sea," by Gar Hildenbrand.  Directed by John Clark Donahue with original music composed and orchestrated by Steven M. Rydberg, the play was first presented in the Theatre's 1971-72 season (one of thirteen productions that season) and presented once again in 1979.
Bain Boehlke portrayed Edith in both productions.

Photos from 1972:

Photos from 1979:

Video Clip 1 (1979 production):

Video Clip 2:

Video Clip 3:

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