Monday, February 21, 2011

The Netting of the Troupial

"The Netting of the Troupial" 1973.  Bain Boehlke as the High Priest.

In winter of 1973, while the Company was without a home of its own (the museum auditorium having closed in December, 1972 for renovation and the "new theatre" under construction to open in late summer, 1974), The Children's Theatre Company temporarily resided at the Crawford Livingston Theater in St. Paul, presenting "Johnny Appleseed" for its family audiences and -- for adults and teenagers -- an epic, new play by John Clark Donahue: "The Netting of the Troupial."

Set in a fictional, primitive, tropical society, Donahue's play explored the clash of tribal politics and spiritual beliefs.  The cast numbered many dozens -- the resident acting company supplemented by a number of adult guest artists as well as many student performers.  Karlis Ozols as the chieftain and Bain Boehlke as the High Priest led the cast, including Wendy Lehr, Richard Thompson, John Jenkins, Chris Mulkey, Guy Paul, Patrick McNellis, Ronn Tice, Karen Helfand, Steven Rydberg, to name a few.

Original music composed by Roberta Carlson.  Scenic design by Donahue.  Costume design by Gene Davis Buck.  Lighting design by Karlis Ozols. 

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