Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Dream Fisher (1977)

"The Dream Fisher" poster art by Steven Rydberg.

In the third season in its "new home," The Children's Theatre Company undertook the production of a new play written and directed by founder/artistic director John Clark Donahue for family audiences.  A fable presented in verse, a storm deposits an innocent child and the Seven Deadly Sins on an island where, marooned together, they are each granted a single wish by a mysterious man who appears in multiple forms. 
It was an enormous, challenging production.  Original music score composed by Steven M. Rydberg.  A huge set, spilling out into the audience house, designed by Donahue and Don Pohlman, surrounded by a cyclorama upon which projections and film (by George Heinrich) could be displayed.  Costumes by Gene Davis Buck.  Lighting by Karlis Ozols. 
Cast included Bain Boehlke as The Dream Fisher and Brendan McNellis as the innocent child Kelay.  The sins were portrayed by Company members Carl Beck, Gerald Drake, Barry Goldman, Wendy Lehr, Patrick McNellis, George Muschamp, and Sara Schimke.   Karlis Ozols as "Magician" Dream Fisher.  Katy Lasley and Jim Sewell as sprites.  George Sutton as proscenium stonecarver.

L to R: Jim Sewell, Bain Boehlke, Katy Lasley.

L to R: Patrick McNellis, Carl Beck, Sara Schimke,
Wendy Lehr, Barry Goldman, George Muschamp.

Poor quality video.

Clip 1 of 4:

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Two audio clips of original music by resident artball Steven M. Rydberg.

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