Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hang On to Your Head (1967, 1972)

"Hang On to Your Head" 1967.  Myron Johnson, Bain Boehlke, Sara Schimke.

Original play by John Clark Donahue.

1967: entire production conceived by Donahue, including scenic and costume designs.

1972: Music composed and orchestrated by Hiram Titus. Scenic Design by Jack Barkla. Costume Design by Gene Davis Buck. Lighting Design by Karlis Ozols.

About the play: in fantastic encounters with her dreams, Verleen Panky, aided by Uncle Harry and a magical companion Leonardo, discovers the beauty of her inner self and becomes the "Queen of the World." The production was invited to represent the United States at the 1972 International Congress of Theatre for Children and Youth (ASSITEJ) in Montreal, Canada, and in Albany, New York.

Featuring Sara Schimke as Verleen Panky, Bain Boehlke as Uncle Harry, Myron Johnson as Leonardo, and Wendy Lehr as Mrs. Panky.

Hang On to Your Head.  1967.  (Myron Johnson, Bain Boehlke, Sara Schimke)

Click the links below and listen to audio excerpts from the 1972 touring production of John Clark Donahue's fantasy "Hang On to Your Head" with original music composed and orchestrated by resident composer Hiram Titus. Opening: Escape into Fantasy: Tarantella: Parade and Magic: Tango: Interlude: The Rolled-Down Sock Club: Mrs. Panky's Soliloquoy: In the Garden: Queen of the World: Finis: Video Clip 1. Video Clip 2. Video Clip 3. Also -- "behind-the-scenes" silent home movies of the Company on tour to Montreal (with Hiram Titus' Hang On to Your Head score added as accompaniment).

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